Speak for Yourself … Better Yet, Have Your Customers Do it for You!

Testimonials can be a powerful tool for any business in a variety of marketing outlets. Brochures, television ads and radio spots all hit home with testimonials.

Whether you’re launching a new product or revitalizing your company image, your potential customers will feel more comfortable knowing others in the same boat as them have had positive experiences.

Testimonials can have considerable effect in making your target audience feel at ease.

Here are a few things you should consider and include in a testimonial:
1) Make the placement of the testimonial noticeable. You don’t want it to get lost.

2) Use real-life experiences; don’t make up a testimonial. You never know if someone might ask for more information about that specific customer situation.

3) Note frequent normal situations that will apply to your target audience. Don’t have testimonials referencing obscure situations that will not happen to most customers.

4) Focus on your audience. Show everything from the customer’s point of view. Think … what’s in it for them?

Follow these rules and your testimonials will be credible and hit home to your customers. Credible is a strong selling point.
Have you used testimonials in your marketing efforts?

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