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At TriAd Marketing and Media, we believe that every story is unique. Our recent collaboration with martial arts experts Nathan Menaged and Michael Heinz is a testament to that belief. Our team had the privilege of assisting these two Central Ohio-based martial arts masters in bringing their expertise to the world through a one-of-a-kind book titled Make Them Miss & Make Them Pay Simultaneously. This comprehensive guide to using the ancient martial art of Tai Chi for self-defense was more than a simple custom publishing job. This project provided our interdisciplinary team of creatives with a unique opportunity to collaborate on a robust multimedia experience.

A Personalized Approach to Publishing

When it comes to custom publishing projects such as this, the layout of a book can be as simple or as complex as needed. It’s a personal preference of the author and publisher, and in this case, our clients opted for a custom layout utilizing custom illustration, titles, QR codes, and more. Helping our clients execute on their vision for the look and feel of their book is one of the hallmarks of our custom book publishing services.

Go Beyond the Page

Make Them Miss & Make Them Pay Simultaneously is not your typical martial arts book. It’s a dynamic blend of written instruction and visual aids. Each lesson in the book is accompanied by relevant custom illustrations and a QR code link to a short instructional video. The painstaking effort that went into creating these illustrations and videos was crucial to ensuring that readers have access to the resources they need to understand and master these self-defense techniques on their own.

Global Accessibility

Nathan Menaged and Michael Heinz are not just local martial arts masters; they teach students from around the world. Recognizing the need for accessibility to readers in various regions, the decision was made to use Amazon as the main marketplace and distribution platform. TriAd Marketing and Media worked closely with the authors throughout the entire self-publishing process on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon’s publishing platform, ensuring that their vision was realized from the initial book layout to their very first online sale.

Available Now on Amazon

We’re thrilled to announce that Make Them Miss & Make Them Pay Simultaneously is now available in paperback on Amazon. This book isn’t just for martial arts enthusiasts; it’s for anyone looking to harness the power of Tai Chi for self-defense. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this comprehensive guide has something to offer.

At TriAd, we take pride in helping authors and creators bring their unique visions to life. If you have a project in mind, whether it’s a book, video production, or any other creative endeavor, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today to learn more about our custom publishing and media services.

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