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For over 50 years, TriAd Marketing & Media has assisted local and national construction companies with their marketing efforts. Our experience in construction marketing has shaped our unique approach to reaching construction customers and employees with the right message to unify and call audiences to action. Here are just a few of the successful strategies we have employed over the years for construction clients seeking excellent marketing outreach as part of their brand strategy.

Consistency in Branding – From Online to The RFP

The ultimate branding tool is a solid and comprehensive set of brand guidelines. Successful guidelines are easy to follow by anyone who might need to craft a message in the voice of the company. TriAd takes it one step further by assigning each of or construction clients across the country a dedicated in-house designer to ensure that all marketing communications are uniform in both branding and design. We may also assign dedicated copywriters and managers to your account to maintain consistent brand voice.

Our goal is to establish a brand that is instantly recognizable and relatable by both customers and employees. Whether they are browsing your website, scrolling social media, opening an email or reviewing a proposal, your brand will stand strong and remain cohesive with your values as a company.

Internal Communication – Sourcing & Retaining Teammates

One of the many unique challenges that construction businesses must navigate is employee retention. Our construction clients are well known for their high standards of employment and the world-class benefits available to their loyal workforce. It isn’t a coincidence that our clients all share this success, as we have worked very hard to structure internal communications for our construction clients to deliver company news, benefits information, social media and internal career advancement with training/certification opportunities for their employees.

Looking for more teammates? We have comprehensive solutions for finding new, experienced workers, testing them to expose their eligibility for the role, and training them for their upcoming assignments. We utilize a variety of employment advertising outreach and job portal quizzing to determine eligibility and a comprehensive LMS system to bring new teammates up to date on their upcoming assignments, while allowing current teammates an avenue for upward career growth within their organization.

Market & Competitor Research Reporting

When it’s time to expand into a new territory or region, you’ll want to know the major players in the area. It’s also important to know where your company values stand in comparison to other local companies and their teammates. The difference between union and non-union workforce in certain areas can vastly impact the potential for future involvement with private and government projects. Our marketing strategists have experience in compiling carefully organized research on competitors from areas across the country into a comprehensive marketing analysis report.

Major construction companies across the nation trust TriAd to deliver marketing and branding strategy that drives results. If you’re ready to explore your options, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch promptly. We look forward to building the future of your brand together!

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