The Artist Within

There’s a good chance if you show up at the TRIAD office before or after hours, you’ll find Joe Anastasi putting the finishing touches on a series of paintings. As Creative Director for accounts like Flight Options, Joe has always used his fine arts talent to add a certain artistic flair when developing advertising and marketing campaigns. But this project is not about the private jet flyer. As a matter of fact, this project is about the impoverished part of our society.

As Past President of the St. Agatha Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Columbus, Ohio, Joe has been donating his time to feeding the homeless one Tuesday every month for over eight years. A few months ago, he decided to photograph some of the special faces that visit often for dinner. Their faces struck such a personal chord with Joe that he decided to make them the focus of a series of dry-brush paintings that captures the essence of homeless individuals. He calls the series “Those We Feed.”

Within a year, Joe will have completed over fifty paintings to be shown at a major art gallery in Columbus. In continuing his personal crusade, Joe will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings to the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in support of the mission.


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