The Reading Recovery Council of North America


One of the benefits of working at TriAd is the opportunity to work with a wide range of incredible businesses and organizations. Learning about the intricacies that make them work and becoming involved in their goals offers constant fulfillment and reward. One of those great organizations is the Reading Recovery Council of North America.

For almost 30 years RRCNA has been helping children learn to read by providing short-term intervention programs to reach children at critical developmental stages, and ensure that they maintain a proper reading level. And for the last 10 of those years TriAd has been a vital partner, helping to promote their goal of literacy for all.

Our relationship with Reading Recovery is a perfect example of how TriAd is able to supplement and enhance a business. When we started working with Reading Recovery, they already had a substantial network of teachers and publications to spread their message. As technology changed though, they required the ability to reach audiences in new ways, like video, the web and online marketing. While maintaining focus on their core goals, Reading Recovery was able to utilize TriAd’s expertise and expand into these new markets. Now TriAd serves as an extension of Reading Recovery, able to quickly mobilize when the need arises, and allow RRCNA to focus on teaching children to read.

These types of relationships highlight our core strength: understanding your business and seamlessly integrating with the values and principles that make you great. Let us take care of the other stuff, so you can focus on what you do best.


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