The Website – in two scenes

Scene 1 – The First Day
It was spring 2011, I had just gotten a job at TriAd Marketing & Media in small town Westerville, Ohio and it was my first day. The birds were chirping and effulgent rays of sun were shining off the tips of my newly polished shoes. Everything was right with the world as I sauntered up to the doors at 371 County Line Road West and pushed my way inside.

I had just sat down, and was assessing my surroundings when they arrived … Michael Dubs: art director, Eric Brown: lead artist and Dave Keller: the boss. They loomed in my doorway, their massive forms blocking out the sun and as they spoke the walls shook, bits of plaster floating down from the ceiling, briefly scintillating in the few remaining shafts of light before settling on my lightly gelled hair.

“Web Designer,” their voices rumbled in unison. “Time to earn your pay!” Their breath was hot in my face, as they all began to speak at once, each voice vying to drown out the other. They spoke of a website, the greatest website in all existence, the new face of TriAd. “Streaming real time video feeds,” one of the voices boomed.

“AND animated pop ups that walk across the screen!”

“When a user clicks on the audio button it should pull their info from Google and play their favorite song!”

“Yeah, yeah … and we need an app!”

Spittle flew through the air, soaking the carpet and wetting my clothes and face. The sun rose and fell behind the three dark figures. My hand was numb from scribbling down notes, most of which were so incomprehensible that a hundred linguists would never be able to decipher the jumbled characters that littered my once pristine desk. The night wore on, and the barks of creative outpouring came less frequently, until finally the voices ceased.

“Ok,” said Dave. “So, get started and we’ll review the site next week.” Then the three figures turned to leave and as they withdrew from the now smoldering room a single hand reached around the edge of the door and long, lithe fingers ever so gently pulled the door closed behind them, ending the mysterious episode with a soft click of the latch.

I sat alone in the room, the cold night air seeping into my bones. My only friend the soft blue glow of dual computer monitors … and I began to code.

Scene 2 – The Final Upload

TriAd's new WebsiteThat was a year ago, and I am now happy to announce the completion of TriAd’s new website. A few features have been saved for version 2.0, like the live web cam for our pet lizard, the project graveyard and a clients only section. Just like all of TriAd’s undertakings, it will only continue to get better with time. What a great place.

Please check out our new website at and join us in this celebration of triumph over adversity.

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