Tips for Effective Conversion Copywriting

In marketing, beautifully written copy that can’t deliver results is as useless as no copy at all. From a snappy social media caption to a thoughtful blog post, the right copy will inspire your audience to action and help your brand convert readers into sales.

Successful marketing copy is all about conversions. Good conversion copywriting will convince readers to purchase your product or follow through on some other objective, such as subscribing to your newsletter. What does it take to generate the kind of copy that compels readers to action? Use the following tips to harness the power of the written word for your brand.

Keep it Simple

Marketing writers tread a fine line between clever, attention-grabbing copy and going off the deep end while flexing their creative prowess. To maximize potential conversions, a “less is more” approach is best. Convey all the necessary information in as few words as possible, leaving out unnecessary embellishments. Just a touch of personality or style is enough to get the point across and hook readers. To ensure your writing is concise and to the point, try proofreading out loud. This is one of the fastest ways to expose clunky or overwrought writing.

Negativity=Positive Results

Copywriting can be a powerful tool for gaining conversions.

There’s an old saying in the newspaper business: if it bleeds, it leads. This means that sensational stories should go first as a means of grabbing reader attention and keeping them engaged. A similar philosophy can be applied to conversion copywriting. Instead of focusing on the positives that your product or service will introduce into the consumer’s life, try forcing them to consider what they’ll be missing if they fail to act. Phrases with negative a connotation such as “don’t miss out,” or “don’t forget” will trigger a fomo response in your reader, propelling them to action more easily than a positive statement of value.

Style is Everything

Readers today are busier than ever, and expecting them to take in your marketing pitch is a big ask. To keep readers engaged, maximize the visual appeal of your writing by variating your style. Used sparingly, a well placed bold or italic draws the eye and hooks the reader. Bullet points, emoji, and other unique stylistic choices add visual interest and can make your writing more engaging.

Stay On-message

Conversion copywriting is a means to an end. It’s best to choose one simple goal for your writing to express, and to stick to it. If you’re creating a social post encouraging readers to click an article link, write in a way that directs them toward that objective with little to no friction. Avoid making multiple asks that could divert your reader from your primary conversion objective and provide the reader with everything they’ll need to follow through (links, phone numbers, etc.). If you stick to the point and make things as easy as possible, conversions will follow.

Sharing is Caring

This final tip to maximize conversions has less to do with writing and more to do with what comes after the writing is finished. Whether it’s a social post, a blog, or any piece of written communication, the likelihood of conversions increases along with the number of potential customers exposed to the material. If you’ve followed the above advice and feel confident that your writing has the power to engage, give it the best chance to make an impact by sharing it far and wide. Use social media to help spread your message through shares and paid campaigns and encourage members of your organization to share as well. This will help your writing land in front of the right people to start fueling conversions.

There’s much more that goes into successful conversion copywriting than can fit into a single blog post. Worried your organization’s marketing materials are falling short? The copy pros at Triad are here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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