TriAd and OCA – Collaborating Successfully for nearly 30 Years

Most ad agency clients market products or services of some sort – cereal, booze, mobile phones or retirement planning. All are very cool in their own way. In comparison, association marketing has an entirely different complexion. As an agency serving association clients, you find yourself developing communication programs that support membership and advocate for an industry. The issues are challenging, often in the public interest, and always invigorating.

TriAd has been privileged to work with the Ohio Contractors Association for the past 26 years, nearly three decades of teamwork and effective collaboration.  Throughout that time we have provided all kinds of marketing and public relations services to further their mission “to provide support, unity and leadership to the heavy highway and utility industry for the success of its membership”.  From convention and winter conference registration materials to membership packets, Move Ohio award video presentations and most importantly a bi-monthly magazine, Ohio Contractor, we have helped the Association promote the quality services that help their members succeed.

In 1990, together with OCA, we developed the Ohio Construction Information Association (OCIA) to provide a public relations arm for the industry.  This program promotes good, efficient and safe highways for an economically strong Ohio.  Most recently we produced a video called Gas Tax in Ohio to help educate the public of the funding needs for the highway system.  We also continue the long standing tradition of researching and compiling weekly News Summaries to keep members up to date with infrastructure news from around the state. And to take advantage of digital media opportunities, we now support the OCIA website with an industry blog, Twitter and Facebook Page.

This great relationship with OCA has helped TriAd branch out to do similar work for eight other state contractor associations.  We’ve helped with advocacy programs for highway funding and a variety of transportation issues.  We speak the lingo and have really built a specialty in the highway construction industry. Thank you OCA! Let’s go for 26 more.

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