TriAd and Team Fishel…40 years and still going strong!

In this blog series celebrating TriAd’s 40th Anniversary, we will be highlighting a few of our valued clients. Friends actually. For if it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t do the things we love to do. To all our clients who entrust their marketing and media projects to us, thank you so very much.

It seems fitting to start with Team Fishel, or the Fishel Co. as they were called 40 years ago when our relationship began. As a matter of fact, Jeff Keeler, Past Chairman of Team Fishel, hired our company founder Ken Keller for a few advertising assignments a year before TriAd was even formed. One of the earliest jobs was to create a face, or mascot, to give Fishel a brand. “Doug Trench” was then born (Get it? As an underground utility contractor, Fishel digs ditches).

Team Fishel gets it. They understand that regular and consistent messages to their Customers, Teammates and Suppliers help to build a strong business brand that in turn attracts quality projects and talent. For more than 75 years this company has created quite a success story, and we are proud to be part of their success for more than four decades.

Today, TriAd helps to tell their story through brochures, newsletters, videos, websites, social media, e-communications, calendars, signage and many other outlets. One brand. One voice. One top-quality Best-Choice Contractor.

Dave Keller, TriAd President

Doug Trench

Circa mid 1970s

Team Fishel Blog

Circa 2012

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