TriAd is the Best Place to Work. Let us fill you in on why …

For the second year in a row TriAd Marketing & Media was selected by Columbus Business First as one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in the Micro Company category (12-24 employees). Employees at nearly 200 Central Ohio companies were surveyed and asked 40 questions regarding:

  • Teamwork
  • Trust in Coworkers and Senior Leaders
  • Individual Contribution
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Work Engagement
  • Benefits

The results were tallied and TriAd landed in the 2nd place slot. If you’ve seen any of our blog or Facebook posts before today, you probably already know why we’ve earned this distinction. But let us remind you anyway! Here are just a few things our team says about TriAd:

“There is so much I can say about this company and its incredible staff. Above all, we excel for our clients, because we have created an environment that EVERYONE wants to be a part of.”

“TriAd Marketing & Media is an amazing place to work. TriAd offers great salaries and benefits as well as a flexible schedule. But beyond that it is the creative, fun, laid-back environment that makes TriAd shine for its staff.”

“There is always something going on that shows the respect and appreciation the owner and management of TriAd has for the staff. There are quarterly events that give “playtime” and “bonding” real meaning for everyone.

We were asked by Business First to answer a few questions that would give their readers some insight into what Best Places companies are doing. Here are TriAd’s answers to “Do This, Not That…”

1. Rewarding employees (without cash)
Do This: Consider your associates and offer fun and unique things that will make them feel appreciated and special.

Not That: Don’t give plaques or crystal statues. Boring! Unless of course it’s a crystal beverage glass!

2. Counseling an under-performing employee
Do This: Have on-going open communication with staff, so you don’t find yourself in a situation to counsel an under-performing associate.

Not That: Don’t let situations stack up and get to this point!

3. Throwing a party
Do This: Celebrate with your associates! Do this regularly to build strength and camaraderie. Always make sure you are being fair and respectful to all.

Not That: Don’t forget to stock the mini fridge!

4. Interviewing a potential hire
Do This: Make sure that, beyond the required skills for the position, the person will make a good addition to your Team. The personality fit with your current associates is just as important, if not more, than the skill set itself.

Not That:  Don’t hire a fuddy-duddy that will not make a dynamic addition.

5. Encouraging philanthropy and volunteering
Do This: Provide philanthropic and volunteering opportunities during company time for fun morale and Team building experiences. Also make sure that associates know that the company supports outside philanthropy by being flexible with the out-of-office time needed, including providing company support when possible.

Not That: Do not make it difficult for your associates to be actively involved in the community.

We believe it is a magical mix of the TriAd team, our clients and our collective creativity that makes us a Best Place to Work. But you won’t catch us resting on our award and basking in its glow. We’ll be continually striving to better ourselves, exceed expectations in our work and have even more fun while doing it! Join us!!

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