TRIAD Heats Up Grilling Competition

Recently, TRIAD took part in the 5th Annual Grill Masters’ Competition in Upper Arlington, Ohio. The annual contest is sponsored by Team Fishel’s Marketing Director, Rick Keeler. With a total of 10 grills and more than 20 ‘Grill Masters,’ the competition focused around this year’s theme, “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Teams were asked to come up with their tastiest and most creative cheeseburger. Five judges were given the task of tasting the creations, as well as judging the creativity in presentation. The competition was stiff, as Tuscan burgers, breakfast burgers and Greek-inspired burgers were among the entries.

TRIAD paid tribute to a favorite Northeast Ohio drive-in restaurant, Swenson’s, with its version of the restaurant’s ‘Galley Boy’ burger. With the sweetness of brown sugar, the tang of BBQ sauce AND tartar sauce, we presented our double-cheeseburger to the judges on a surfboard plate – all while playing a recording of Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

While we did not place in the competition, it was announced there was a burger the judges could not stop eating – TRIAD’s burger! Although referred to as a ‘dessert burger,’ we were still honored it was recognized. The top prize went to the Tuscan Bruschetta Burger, created by Rick Keeler’s team. Amidst the controversy of the contest director winning the competition, Mr. Keeler fled to the Southwest with his burgers in tow. Sources say he is preparing to start a chain of Tuscan burger-themed restaurants but plans to return for the 6th Annual Grill Masters’ competition. And so will TRIAD.

Contest director Rick Keeler keeps a watchful eye as the Grill Masters prepare for competition.


TRIAD Video Producer Bob Dawson and President Dave Keller form their brown-sugar burgers.


TRIAD’s entry was one that the judges ‘couldn’t stop eating.


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