TriAd Marketing and Media Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In October of 2022, TriAd Marketing and Media celebrated 50 years of “Ideas that Inspire.” Founded in 1972 as TriAdvertising Inc., TriAd stands as one of the oldest un-merged advertising and marketing agencies in central Ohio—and one of the most successful. Much has changed since Lee Ault, Ken Keller, and Pat Reynolds established their company with a shared passion for commercial communication. What remains is TriAd’s dedication to meeting the needs of our clients while creating a fun, vibrant workplace for our team of passionate creatives.

Since the beginning, TriAd has produced work for clients across a wide variety of industries. Many partnerships from our earliest days have grown into rewarding, decades-long business relationships. The countless valued clients who have trusted us with their business through the years have given our team endless opportunities to explore our creativity through the art and science of marketing.

One of the cornerstones of TriAd’s continued success is our willingness to evolve with the industries we serve. In addition to traditional marketing materials and strategies, we have embraced the latest technologies to help our clients stand out in the modern business landscape. Web development, SEO, social media management, and video production are just a few of the services we have added to our stable of offerings through the years. Whatever the future of marketing holds, the TriAd team will be there to meet challenges and opportunities head-on.

In celebration of 50 years of marketing magic, TriAd hosted an anniversary celebration themed around the decade of our founding—the groovy ‘70s. Below are some photos of that evening’s festivities, along with some thoughts from our staff on what this milestone means to our team.

triad timeline wall

An interactive timeline showcasing highlights from the past 50 years was unveiled as part of the celebration.

“One highlight of this party was the reveal of the permanent art installation showing our most impactful work over these 50 years. It displays our dedication to quality work as we have moved into the digital marketing era and beyond.
It was a joyous evening of celebration with our talented and creative team, along with many of our favorite clients, all of which have helped us reach this impressive milestone. 50 years as a full-service marketing agency and a family business is not a common feat. We celebrate our history and look forward to the bright future ahead in creative marketing solutions.”
-Ryan Keller, Digital Marketing Director


Teammates old and new gathered to mark the occasion.

“If there is one thing TriAd is known for, and has been known for, is that we enjoy having a good time. While we don’t get the opportunity very often to celebrate our own accomplishments, 50 years as a company is worth celebrating. At our 50th Anniversary celebration, it was great seeing and talking with our founder, Ken Keller, and his wife, Mary, along with some of our current clients and past associates.”
-Jerry Marks, Editorial Director


triple t transport crowd

Thank you to our many wonderful clients who came to celebrate with us. Pictured here: our friends from Triple T Transport!

“This party was truly a labor of love to highlight the past and present. TriAd’s team is so very talented. It was heartwarming to see everyone that came to join us to celebrate 50 years!”
-Teresa Keller, Content Manager


three generations of TriAd

Three generations of Kellers: TriAd’s founder, current President, and Digital Marketing Director.

“I am not sure I can put into words how excited I am for this milestone and this celebration. I am ridiculously proud of this team and the way we build long lasting relationships with our clients. I am so thankful for all who took the time to be here, especially for Ken and Mary Keller who joined in the celebration. Here is to another 50!”
-Dave Keller, President



With our first 50 years behind us, the future has never looked brighter for TriAd. Thank you to the many amazing clients who have made our success as a company possible, and to all TriAd team members past and present for their valuable contributions. We look forward to providing the best possible marketing solutions for whatever the tomorrow may hold!

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