TriAd Marketing & Media Celebrates our 40th Anniversary

TriAd Marketing & Media celebrates our 40th Anniversary (and The Godfather’s) this year! And because we aren’t a shy group of people we will be building up the hype … one week at a time, for 40 weeks, until our anniversary on October 1, 2012.

A lot has changed in the marketing communications industry since 1972. While TriAd has its eyes fixed squarely on the future, here’s a quick glance over our shoulder.

When TriAd was in its infancy, print advertising was in its heyday. Magazines were plump with ads for cars and liquor. And yes, there were still tobacco ads. Broadcast television dominated; it was the only racket in town. Cable existed only to deliver broadcast channels to remote areas. But 1972 brought deregulation to the cable industry, opening the door for cable networks.

Big changes were happening in radio as well. FM was evolving quickly. But despite noticeably better sound quality, almost every market was led by an AM Top-40 station.

What about Outdoor advertising? Yes, there were plenty of billboards. All were printed panels, as there were no rotary yet and certainly nothing digital. Speaking of digital, in 1972, there was none. Internet? World Wide Web? Apps? What are you smokin’?

There have been a lot of changes in the past 40 years. And throughout 2012, we’ll be exploring some of them from TriAd’s unique perspective. You’ll learn how the industry has changed; see some of the projects TriAd has taken part in; and the clients we have been privileged to work with. You will get an inside peek at our “Associates,” the things that make us creative and a blast to work with. It’s all part of our 40th Anniversary celebration. Join us for the fun and the memories!

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