TRIAD President Remembers Recording a Jingle for The Ohio State Fair

With the excitement of the Ohio State Fair going on in Columbus recently I decided to dig into TRIAD’s archives and pull out one of the radio spots we did during the decade long run we had the Fair advertising account. This one has particular warm memories for me as I was there for the recording of the track in Nashville, Tennessee. I was 15 years old and my Dad, then the President of TRIAD, took me along to let me catch the audio/video fever and it certainly worked.

While recording one of the many takes for the jingle, the singer playfully swooped up the last note and I thought it added a lot of fun. So I pleaded with my Dad to let it stay in the final version. In the end he did, and so began my career.

Listen to the attached clip of the 1980 Ohio State Fair spot – nearly 30 years later.

Dave Keller, TRIAD President

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