TriAd Snowdown

Every year, the bright minds at Triad Marketing and Media come together to brainstorm creative holiday gift ideas for our clients and this year was no exception. What we came up with is the TriAd Snowdown, a custom online video game.

Integrating our talented artists and innovative web developers, we’ve created a virtual TriAd world where you can battle the TriAd team level by level and ultimately try to bring down “The Boss.”

The custom graphics depict the TriAd team perfectly, from hair color to facial hair, while the snowy landscape in each level represents the responsibilities of the group you’re battling.  For example, in level 5 you’ll battle our social media team, Mike and Ashlee, as they pelt you with snowballs from behind Instagram and Facebook icons. As you navigate through each level, you’ll have the opportunity to defeat each of our TriAd team members. The whimsical graphics and festive music will keep you entertained and coming back for more!

As a fun bonus, we sent buckets of indoor snowballs to some of our clients to bring the game to life! We even started an impromptu snowball fight at a client’s office when we stopped by to deliver the gift.

Don’t miss the fun! Join the TriAd Snowdown to see if you can defeat “The Boss.”

Happy Holidays from TriAd!

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