TriAd takes second at the Grill Masters Challenge

Elliott Benzle & Dave Keller show off their grill skill.

Amidst clouds of smoke, raging gaggles of offspring and roaring flames Team TriAd (Tri-Tip-a-licious) emerged victorious from the eighth annual Grill Masters Challenge. A vicious octuplet of opposing grill masters from the Columbus vicinity battled it out with three teams emerging victorious. This year’s meat de jour: Brazilian Churrascaria.

The contest took place on Sunday, May27th, and grilling was rated on a degree of difficulty, technique and taste. Team TriAd submitted a traditional Ecuadorian style rump roast, grilled over coal & maple, sliced thin and served with a Chimichurri sauce. The humble, yet delectable offering prepared by Elliott Benzle and Dave Keller took second place being bested only by team Greenlee/Fronk/Keeler.

A big thank you to Rick Keeler of Team Fishel for sponsoring the event, the judges, and contestants, and to Tim Huffman of Huffman’s Market for providing the first place prize.


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