TriAd Toss 2012

Once a year, the TriAd team members leave their desks and gather on the front lawn of 371 County Line Rd. West to partake in a spectacle of skill, music and revelry. I am of course referring to the TriAd Toss, our cook out/corn hole/Bob playing the keyboard event. And … as we have recently learned, also the birthday of our office mascot, Spike the Lizard.

This year’s grill food was the ever popular hamburger, which has been by-passed in recent years for the more elongated hot dog or bratwurst. Accompanying the burgers was a delightful corn hole themed cake, created by our very own Janine Robinson. In addition to his generous cookie contribution Mr. Bob Dawson (former organist for the Columbus Blue Jackets) provided musical interludes on his keyboard, enthralling the crowd with popular tunes such as: the theme song from Mario Bros. level 1, Castlevania and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Competition was fierce on the Corn Hole field, with Crystal Vance and Mike Dubs teaming up to knock out rival team Eric/Shaw for the final win.

Fun was had by all, and we look forward to another successful event to be held in 2013.

Alternative content

Team TriAd on the field

Eric focuses on the toss

Happy birthday Spike

Featuring Mr. Dawson on the keyboard

Lizard on the field!!!

Mike Shaw scores for his team

The chocolate and brownie corn hole cake

Fun was had by all

A very close toss

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