TRIAD Travels for Team Fishel

For over 30 years, TRIAD has continued to serve the communications needs for Team Fishel, which specializes in nationwide utility construction and network installation. This past month, the TRIAD Video Production crew was on the road for Fishel. Video Producer Bob Dawson traveled from Virginia to Florida to capture footage for three Team Fishel video projects. In Manassas, Va., Bob photographed and videotaped Team Fishel’s Fiberlight Metro Ethernet Project for this November’s year-end video, “High-Performance Teammates.” This marks the 23rd consecutive year TRIAD has produced a year-end video for Team Fishel.

In Tampa, Fla., Bob interviewed and captured footage for the “Team Fishel Lineman Apprenticeship” video. This video is currently in post-production and will help promote the Lineman Apprenticeship Training Program to Team Fishel Teammates. Also captured in Tampa was footage highlighting Team Fishel’s “Storm Restoration” crews. These videos, like many others that TRIAD has produced, will be available on Team Fishel’s Web site, or on the company’s intranet. TRIAD’s video production work continues to be an effective tool for Team Fishel’s internal and external communications.

IMG_6928TRIAD Video Producer Bob Dawson videotapes Team Fishel’s directional bore machine in Manassas, Va.

CRW_7172Bob Dawson interviews a Teammate at Team Fishel’s Lineman Apprenticeship training yard in Tampa, Fla.

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