TRIAD Video Vault #5

In this edition of the TriAd Video Vault, we take a look back at a sentimental TV spot for Park Federal Savings and Loan. The now-defunct bank was actually a founding client of TriAd, dating back to 1972. TriAd enjoyed a 20-year relationship with Park Federal, producing a variety of TV spots, radio jingles and in-store print materials. Ultimately Park Federal was purchased and changed its name to “Freedom Federal Savings and Loan”. TriAd continued its relationship with the bank by producing a 1987 TV spot for Freedom Federal (see TriAd Video Vault #2). Although we miss this warm and fuzzy former FDIC member, we can always stroll down memory lane with this 1977 TV spot about a boy becoming a man through his bank account.

TriAd Old Videos

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