TriAd Video Vault #7

Feeling down? Well this edition of the TriAd Video Vault might help! In this 1978 public service announcement, famed actor Robert Alda – the late father of actor Alan Alda – talks about the benefits of getting help when you are not mentally feeling up to par. TriAd produced this PSA for the now-inappropriately titled, ‘Franklin County Mental Health and Retardation Board’, and followed the board’s theme, “Mental Health Doesn’t Come with an Owner’s Manual’. We worked with the board for several years developing many types of marketing materials to communicate their messages. And although the board is now titled, the ‘Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board of Franklin County’, their mission to improve the well-being of Central Ohioans remains the same.

If you ever need their services, please contact them immediately. But don’t use the phone number in our PSA, unless you would like to purchase a condominium in Columbus’ Arena District.



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