TriAd Video Vault, Edition #3

It’s time for another edition of the ‘TriAd Video Vault’, where we dig into the depths of our massive video library and pull out some classic television commercials or video productions. For over 30 years, TriAd has been producing quality television, radio and video productions for hundreds of clients.

We present you with portions of four classic TV spots, all produced by TriAd in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In the first spot, our founder Ken Keller is proud to announce his ability to check his bank account balance while buying a pound of bologna. In the next spot, a little boy is mercilessly defeated by his father in a game of Velcro basketball. The third spot features men in red jumpsuits, as well as horses chasing an old Cadillac. And finally, a slightly frightening, slightly British talking coffee pot rounds out the fourth spot.

On a side note, our editorial director, Jerry Marks, discovered that his father appeared in the background of the ‘coffee pot’ commercial. We will follow up with Jerry and his father to see if the coffee pot was promoted over the years, or just got burned.

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