TriAd’s Advent Calendar Gift Delights Clients and Inspires Marketing Magic

As we enter a new year, we reflect on the warmth of yet another holiday season that’s come and gone. For TriAd, this means showcasing our annual holiday gift! This year, our team of passionate creatives unwrapped a delightful surprise for our clients—a custom-designed advent calendar featuring a candy-cane-a-day for the entire Advent season. Join us as we explore the creation of this unique gift and learn how our team’s creative prowess can help businesses conceive and deploy similar gifts that leave a lasting impression.

The Sweet Concept

TriAd Marketing & Media’s journey to create the perfect holiday gift began with brainstorming sessions that blended creativity and practicality. The team wanted something that not only captured the spirit of the season but also showcased the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and unique marketing solutions. The idea of an advent calendar emerged as the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary flair.

Design and Collaboration

Our advent calendar hung proudly in the offices of TriAd client Team Fishel

With the concept in place, TriAd’s in-house team of designers got to work on an advent calendar that would stand out. The calendar featured twenty-five individually wrapped candy canes—one for each day leading up to Christmas. The design incorporated the company’s branding seamlessly, ensuring that each sweet surprise carried the essence of TriAd. Each calendar also included a personalized dedication to each recipient in its design, further enhancing the personal touch of this creative gift

The Joyful Unveiling

When possible, the advent calendars were personally delivered to clients by the TriAd team, generating excitement and gratitude. The joyous reactions from clients served as a testament to the success of the unique gift, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation. Clients outside of our in-person delivery rage were delighted to receive this holiday surprise in the mail, along with a personalized holiday greeting.

How TriAd Can Help Your Business Spread Holiday Cheer

TriAd Marketing & Media doesn’t just create innovative holiday gifts for themselves; they can also help your company conceive and deploy memorable gifts and other promotional items for your clients, partners, and employees. Here’s how:

  • Creative Conceptualization: TriAd’s team of creative minds can work with you to generate unique and personalized ideas that align with your brand message and values.
  • Custom Design and Branding: Whether it’s an advent calendar or another festive gift, TriAd can collaborate with skilled designers to create custom packaging that reflects your company’s identity.
  • Personalized Delivery Services: The personal touch matters. TriAd can assist with the logistics of delivering your gifts, making the experience even more special for your recipients.
  • Marketing Integration: Beyond the gift itself, TriAd can help you integrate your holiday gifting into a broader marketing strategy, ensuring that your gesture creates a lasting impact.

Our team believes that the art of giving goes beyond the ordinary. Our advent calendar gift has not only delighted clients but has also showcased our ability to transform creative concepts into memorable experiences. If you’re looking to spread holiday cheer in a unique and personalized way, let TriAd be your guide. With our expertise, your company can unwrap a world of possibilities and create gifts that resonate long after the festive season is over.

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