How Twitter can help your blog gain Traction

How Twitter can help your blog gain Traction

If you are like us here at TriAd Marketing & Media, we put immense of time and effort into our different blog posts that we do for ourselves and our clients. Therefore, we want them to get as much as reach as possible. We want to have as many eyes read them as we can.

Twitter is a great place to share blog posts! Twitter is full of interesting articles and people often turn to Twitter as one of their prime news sources. You will have to go a step further than just tweeting the link to generate substantial traffic and visibility. Let’s take a look at a few ways to start generating traffic.

Tweet the Link More Than Once

As stated earlier, Twitter is full of interesting articles and the way Twitter works is that only the most recent tweets go to the top of someone’s newsfeed. That leaves a ton of room for your tweet to be missed or simply hidden from many of your followers. Craft a few different tweets, using the same blog post a couple different times throughout the day or the week. As long as you aren’t repeating the same text over and over again, people won’t ignore it.

Repurpose blog Content as an Image or Video

It is widely known that people love images and videos and your article is more likely to be clicked on if you use one or the other. Instead of just pulling the image from the blog post, create your own. Create an image of a powerful sentence or statistic from your blog post then include the link in your tweet. People are more likely to be intrigued by the larger image and text.

Did you know that you can upload 2 minutes and 20 seconds’ worth of video on Twitter, that is 140 seconds’ worth of video, see what they did there? As with most social media, if you want more views, definitely include video.


One of the oldest tricks in the books but it really works. If you are trying to get noticed by influencers, tag them in your blog post. If the blog post is good, there is a chance that they will share the information. Even if they don’t, it doesn’t hurt to try a couple times because you never know what could come from it. If you are citing an article, tag where you get the information from to show that you are using their information.

Take chances, take risks. You want to show off all that hard work you have done!

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