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Are you a vendor? Do you have vendors? Most likely the answer is yes to both. Most companies have clients they service and suppliers they count on for support. As a marketing and media firm, TriAd understands all too well that the success of our clients hinges on the strength of our vendor relationships. Our vendors play a critical role in our efforts to provide high quality products and services that satisfy our clients’ needs.

At TriAd we see our vendors as more than service or material providers. They are our preferred partners and true collaborators. We value their experience and often seek – and listen to – their professional opinions. We select vendors who demonstrate the utmost professionalism and a real passion for their industry. By building relationships based on trust and mutual respect for each other’s services, we deliver a win-win-win for our clients, our vendors and ourselves.

After nearly 40 years in business, you can be sure TriAd has many vendors, strike that, preferred partners that we can turn to for the particular needs of a project or client. One such partner is SouthPrint. We have partnered with them for more than 15 years on many client initiatives. A leader in the print industry, SouthPrint provides unique services, such as Enhance cold foil fusion, and vast experience in press, finishing and fulfillment. They are a “go to” resource for ideas and solutions and are always ready and willing to work with us on any project. Together we achieve the results our clients seek within the budgets they demand. Through a two-way street of communication and collaboration, TriAd and Southprint have built a true, enduring partnership. It is relationships like this that can get a job done overnight, over the weekend or on a shoestring budget.

Do you have partners like this to help you get the job done? Look at your vendors and ask yourself –

–  Do they make the effort to know our business or industry?

–   Do we have a dedicated associate on our account?

–   Do key executives make themselves available to us in addition to the assigned account executive?

–    Are they willing to go above and beyond to help us be successful?

–    Do they offer suggestions and solutions?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, it is clear that the vendor is vested in your business relationship. If your answer is “no” or “not sure”,  give us a call today! We’ll partner with you – and some of our truly exceptional vendors – to make your next project enjoyable and successful, from start to finish.


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