Ways to URLs and Landing Pages through Direct Mail

Whether you are looking for new customers, attempting to grow your association membership or running for political office – a landing page with information specific to your campaign, sales initiative, particular product or service can be a strong marketing tool. If you get your customers and prospects to access your landing page, you can capture more information about them, convince them to sign-up for a service, purchase a product or join in your efforts.

Putting the URL to your landing page on a direct-mail piece, such as a postcard, is a great way to reach out and connect. You can have a stagnate page that introduces information to your audience or use layers of navigation to provide more details about your product or service. Landing pages also offer the opportunity to capture information about your audience.

Here are a few tips that will help you profit when using landing pages:
1. Use creativity that connects your materials from start to finish. Creating a flow from your mail piece all the way through to your Web site will allow your audience to know they’re in the right place. Brand your materials with the same colors, fonts and graphic treatments.

2. Offer incentives that motivate your prospect(s) to actually go to your URL. Offer a percentage off your product or services, a free subscription to your newsletter or magazine or entry into a prize drawing. These offers will increase your odds of your prospect(s) visiting your site.

3. Make your point obvious. The information you provide needs to be clear. Make sure the product you are selling is highly visible, pages (and sub pages) are easy to use and the call to action is at the forefront.

These are just a few ways you can be sure that your direct-mail piece and your landing page are put to good use and prove to be valuable assets toward your marketing and sales efforts. If you would like to learn more about URLs and how we can put one to work for you, please contact TRIAD.

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