Weather Moves Tournament Indoors

The Second Annual TRIAD-Toss (Cornhole Tournament) was held this past July over the course of several Friday afternoons. Due to sweltering heat and humidity that made the heat index push over the 100-degree mark, the TRIAD team debated postponing. It was ultimately decided to hold the games indoors and just adjust throws to save the ceiling tiles!

Two-person teams paired up each week for the single-elimination tournament, while the rest of the TRIAD associates looked on. To make things official, the brackets and rules were obtained from the American Cornhole Association website Yes, there really is such an association. At the end, the champions were Eric Brown and Mark Wolf.

Should the 2011 competition be held indoors these two could be a force to be reckoned with, but the rest of the staff is hoping for more accommodating conditions next year as we have yet to see the Brown-Wolf team’s skills in an outdoor setting.

Thanks to all the associates for participating, and congrats to Eric and Mark for their victory!


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