What about Bob?

What about Bob?What is it about Bob? I can’t quite place what it is about that guy. I don’t think we ever made a conscious decision that Bob would be the target of numerous pranks, jokes and every day ass-hattery… it just kind of happened. In our defense, more often than not, he almost does it to himself.

A couple opportunities were just too good to pass up or were such huge milestones that we could in no way resist acting upon them. Bob getting detained by the Ohio State Highway patrol during a TriAd video shoot obviously warranted a WANTED poster. The birth of “The Bea” (Bob’s totally awesome daughter) and filling his entire office with pink balloons was a clear choice and was even featured on a past blog. When Halloween came around, we all decided to dress up, Bob came as a giant cockroach, the pictures say it all.

Anyone who knows Bob will attest to his complete and utter obsession with Justin Bieber, rumor has it he has a tattoo of him in a special location. So wrapping his entire office door in The Biebs was an obvious Christmas present. The Doggie Doo game and Poo inspired birthday cake and card have a bit more of a backstory that I will save you from, but let’s just say they were more than appropriate. And of course there’s the “What About Bob” poster we did for this blog.

All jests aside, Bob is an awesome guy, along with his extensive knowledge of Star Wars, his talent and creativity in video production is unparalleled. He brings expertise, quality, passion and boyish wonderment to every project. Bob is an integral part of what makes TriAd a success. We think we’ll keep him!


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