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A couple of months ago I was visiting my grandparents in South Carolina. Both of them are over the 90-year mark, and despite living extremely full lives, neither have ever used a computer. It was during one of the silent moments in my visit, when Nanny was asleep that Grandpa decided to ask me, “So what do you do?”

I tried to put my job as a Web Design & Development Specialist in perspective, “I make websites, they’re kind of like advertisements on the computer.”

“How do the ads get on the computer?” Grandpa asked. “Is it some kind of disk?” “Why do people want to look at advertisements on the computer?” “Can’t people use the phone?”

These questions came before I even started trying to explain e-mail, domain names, servers, search engine optimization and the multitude of programming languages and design skills that need to interact to make it all work. Less than five minutes later we were both thoroughly confused, and I was starting to wonder what was up with this whole Internet thing after all.


A website is not a single thing. It is the culmination of years of technology, from the alphabet and mathematics, to satellites and wireless data transmission. When you make a choice to build a website, it’s important to understand that you don’t just need a programmer.

A good website – one that gets your business results – needs to have substance, creativity, marketing and usability. A good website is an experience, from the written words to the images, and the user interaction. It takes a talented group of people to get ALL those things right.

At TriAd Marketing & Media, we are lucky to have a well-rounded team that can cover all your bases. We have artists, writers, video experts, social media gurus, programmers, sales people and project managers all under one roof. Each team member works together to make your website successful. With TriAd you won’t just get a pretty picture on the Internet; you get a product that is well thought out, written for your specific audience, user friendly, optimized for searches, creatively designed and intriguing.

And the best part about working with TriAd, we aren’t just a series of e-mails. We take the time to get to know your company, we are responsive and dedicated to making your website a tool for your businesses success. So, yes Grandpa, I guess we do use the phone.

by Elliott Benzle
Web Developer/Designer


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