What’s Your Story? Storytelling for Brands

Storytelling is a major key to connecting a brand to an audience. Connecting marketing and storytelling can be a difficult task and getting an engaged audience on multiple platforms can seem impossible, but if your story sticks with people, the engagement will come easily. Here are some of the key factors to good storytelling on social media.

Know What Your Audience Wants

Your audience wants to feel a connection to your brand. Involve your customers or clients, let your community know you’re there, define your story and then make it known.

If you know who you want to speak to, it’s easier to create a message your audience will relate to. If you are trying to be too broad, you end up missing the people who could use your service or product.

Your brand needs to have a personality that relates to your audience. If all your posts are professional but robotic, people see it as just another advertisement. By keeping people in mind, you can allow some personality to shine through with your expertise. Blog content, videos and article shares can be a great way to connect to your audience with personality and a feeling of being genuine.

How to Tell a Story

If everyone knew how to tell stories for their brand then they’d never need any help. But it’s not as difficult as you think, once you see it in action. Let’s look at us for a moment—TriAd Marketing and Media—we pride ourselves in storytelling, inspiring our clients and each other with fresh ideas and being a small, family-owned company that can meet all of our clients’ needs in a cohesive and cost-efficient way. We help our clients find their voice, define their story and then we include them in the process of telling their story in communications to their customers.

But what is our story? We focus our story on being a close-knit group– shown in posts about our team building activities and lunch dates on Instagram and Facebook– with ideas that inspire, shown in the way we create and share work for our clients on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Our social media platforms have constant updates of us working hard, playing hard and actively visiting our clients or sharing their work. By including updates for our clients, the work we do for them and pieces of our team, we are telling our potential clients that they are not only an important piece of our organization but a part of our TriAd family.

Where to Get Content

If you offer a service or product, your best bet is to use your customers for content. By getting them involved, you not only have constant and fresh content but they are essentially telling your story for you. If you provided a service to someone who left a review on Facebook, use that not only for your future posts but as a way to engage with customers. If you share something on social that gets a question or comment, answer it. Engaging your customers is the best way to not only tell a story but continue writing one. Hashtags, sharing posts from others and consistent posting to social media platforms are going to draw your audience in and get them to invite others to join.

Tying It All Together

Having interesting, educational social media that engages, entertains and most of all, tells your brand’s story is challenging but rewarding. Know your audience, know your story and don’t be afraid to get content from the people who already support you.

Of course, if you need guidance on your target audience, branding, storytelling or anything in between, we’re here to help.

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