Who Doesn’t Like Free?

Ever hear the saying, “Nothing in Life is Free?” Well we don’t think that is true when it comes to media and PR initiatives. Free press is the golden cup, the thing we strive for… after all, doesn’t everyone like getting something free?

The trick to getting free press starts with having something worthwhile to say, but it is how you present it that makes it magic!

Here are just a few ways to persuade reporters and editors that your business, product or service is worth their time:
1) Press Releases – Generally a press release is used as a branding tool to announce company news, new products or services.

2) Play Host – Host or Co-Host an event or friendly competition. This gives you several opportunities to reach out to the press. You can announce your event prior to the date informing the media about it and possibly inviting people to attend. You can often get a blurb regarding your event the day or week of as a reminder to the public. When the event has concluded, you can often get a blurb announcing the outcome, attendance, money raised or competition winners. Also look for local TV, newspaper and radio online calendars where you can post your event for all to see.

3) Public Service Announcement — Make sure it is timely and valid to the readership of the particular publication/media outlet you are directing it to. An example would be – New Way of Surveying Can Drive Down Costs and Increase Site Productivity. An Engineer firm that has adopted a new way of surveying that will affect the bottom line would surely draw attention from trade publications within the industry with a headline like that. Provide enough information to gain interest and then tack on your web address and offer further information at the Web site. Be a resource and become the editorial staff’s friend.

4) Do Good Deeds – Giving of your time, services or money to a local charity often results in positive free press. Make sure to tout your company’s involvement in charitable events. It not only shows that the company and people who work there cares about the community, it may also just get you some press!

What does your company do to stay in the spotlight? Are you interested in learning how TRIAD can help you with publicity?

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