TriAd Associates Produce Wow Signal Documentary

TriAd Marketing & Media is thrilled to announce the official premiere of the Wow Signal Documentary this Saturday, November 4th at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio! This documentary is a tremendous accomplishment for two of our associates. Bob Dawson, directed the production while Mike Shaw, wrote the script. Together they both produced the feature documentary.

The film examines the 1977 discovery of an interstellar signal believed by many to be the best evidence of communication from extraterrestrial civilization. Discovered by Ohio radio astronomer Jerry Ehman, the Wow! Signal’s origins remain a mystery and continue to intrigue. In today’s ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligence, there are those who think the Wow! Signal is the real thing, while others feel that actual evidence of intelligent life beyond our own is not within our grasp.

The project took Bob & Mike from Central Ohio to Chicago, San Francisco and West Virginia. And in the process, they interviewed several incredibly intelligent people. These are folks who have dedicated their professional lives to astronomy and the pursuit of scientific knowledge. Their participation gives the Wow Signal story a depth that it could not have had otherwise. Knitting all of that together into a film that informs and entertains is a challenging process, but extremely satisfying every step of the way.

It has been a life-long dream for Bob Dawson to produce a feature documentary. In his 20-year career, this is the largest project that he has ever worked on. The connections Bob has to this documentary are vast. He worked at the Ohio Historical Society for a portion of time, during that time he was able to meet and discuss what it would be like seeing this story unfold on the big screen. Years later, he was sitting down with the same people interviewing them for the production. Bob described the project as truly an honor to work on and is thrilled to have achieved one of his career goals working with such an intriguing storyline and so many wonderful people.

Mike Shaw said that throughout his entire career, this project was one of the greatest and most rewarding projects that he has ever worked on. Mike went on to discuss, “That a story like the “Wow Signal” often reveals paths that are completely unexpected. And the documentary format, by its very nature, demands that we explore them.  What began as the story of an extraordinary event that occurred in Ohio 40 years ago, led us to the wonders of radio astronomy and the history of SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

“I had the privilege of working on the “Wow Signal” with my friend and TriAd colleague Bob Dawson. He is a brilliant Director with a talent that really brought the story to life. I think we succeeded. I hope the ‘Wow Signal’ will be well-received and around for a long time!” said Mike. He also hopes to someday work on another one!

TriAd Marketing & Media cannot accurately express how proud we are of Bob Dawson & Mike Shaw for their work on this feature documentary. We are lucky to have these two talented and hardworking associates on our team. The Wow Signal Documentary is premiering at the Ohio Historical Center located in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday November 4th from 7:30-9:30 pm.Tickets for the event are free, but limited, register for one today:

We hope to see you Saturday!

Watch the full trailer for the documentary here:

Our very own, Eric Brown designed the amazing movie poster shown above!

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