Your Ideas Inspire Award for Phenomenal Sales Efforts

Kerry KicosTRIAD awards our “Your Ideas Inspire” award to staff members who go above and beyond, come up with creative ways to tackle projects or make an outstanding contribution in fashion.

The most recent award went to advertising sales representative Kerry Kicos. Kerry was honored for her outstanding sales efforts for the ASA Chicago quarterly publication, Construction Connection, and ASA Chicago’s 2010 Annual Membership Directory. Not only did she sell the first issue of Construction Connection in 2010 at the highest gross sales ever achieved for this publication, but she outsold the 2009 Membership Directory by more than $5,000. All told Kerry has sold more than $110,000 in gross advertising sales for this client since October 2009. And this doesn’t even consider the fact that she has three other publications she dedicates her time to.

For this, and many other reasons, we honor Kerry and say thank you, keep up the fantastic work!

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