Core Value #3: Own It!

Taking ownership of your work and your role on the team here at TriAd Marketing & Media is crucial. Every member of our team is fully accountable and responsible for their individual area, as well as their part of our creative team. As young children, we are taught to take responsibility for our actions. This does not change as we progress through life.

As a small, creative agency of 13 people it is very important that we possess ownership of the different projects we are taking on as individuals and ones that we are tackling as a team with the help of other departments throughout TriAd.

For years and years, TriAd has been creating quarterly and bi-monthly transportation publications for various associations across the country. The transportation publications require the support and teamwork of different departments. The salespeople are responsible for selling advertisements for the magazine. The art department is responsible for making the magazine look visually appealing, make people want to pick it up! Our Editorial Director attends events, researches information and conducts interviews in order to write the highest quality content for the different issues. All these different roles are vital to the creation of the magazines for our clients. If someone chose not to take ownership of their role, the final product would be lacking and ultimately effect TriAd as a whole. But thanks to our amazing staff, we can trust others to do their part as well.

You have to ask yourself, what do you want people to walk away with? We all have a strong personal sense of what we want success to look like and strive every day to achieve that. Taking ownership of your role on the TriAd Marketing & Media team includes but it not limited to the work you create, it also pertains to your role in the culture. Interacting and getting to know your fellow employees is a part of the puzzle as well. Overall, we value a strong personal integrity here and owning everything that you do!

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